Monday, June 27, 2016

Raspberry Pie

I got this recipe from my BFF Julie Russo, and it has become a family favorite!

Cooked pie shell
Large container Cool Whip, defrosted
2 T white Karo syrup
3 T raspberry Jello powder
6-10 small containers of raspberries, washed and dried well
1 c sugar mixed with 3T cornstarch
1 c water

Mix sugar/cornstarch and water over low heat. When sugar starts to dissolve, add 2T white Karo syrup. Boil and keep stirring until it starts thickening. Add 3T raspberry jello powder. Set aside 10 minutes. 

Fold raspberries into gel mixture (add as many raspberries as you want as long as there is enough gel to hold them together -- I stack mine high in the pie!). Pour into cooled pie shell. Top with Cool Whip.

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