Friday, December 23, 2016

Struffoli (Italian Popcorn)

My Grandma made this every year and called it pinalada (but I don't think that's the real name for it!). It is also nicknamed "Italian Popcorn." It is a family favorite.

4 c flour
2 gal + vegetable oil
cinnamon (I use Vietnamese cinnamon from
Chopped up large Hershey chocolate bars
8-9 eggs
2 jars of 3 lb. honey
1 lb. roasted almonds

Mix flour and eggs. Set aside and cover. Roll into strips on sheet dusted with flour. Let set for a few minutes. Use special deep fryer with new cold oil every other time. Cut rolls into pieces diagonally. Deep fry; strain. Put in grocery paper bags and change the bags for 2 days to absorb extra oil.


Heat honey in saucepan, warming up with 1 T sugar. Add balls, a LOT of cinnamon and roasted almonds. Mold into cone-shaped "tree." (Dip hands in ice water if having problems molding.) Top with chopped chocolate and roasted almonds after mounding.

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